mærk mere

of yourself, of others and
of the world

Do you feel that you lack a meaningful contact with yourself, with other people or with the world in general?

Perhaps you are struggling with many thoughts and feelings about what life and should and could contain and need to find a safer and calmer place within yourself to work from?

Or do you have physical challenges – are you in pain or dissatisfied with your body and need a gentle way to work with your physical condition and feeling about your body and yourself?

Alexander technique is a body therapeutic way of working, where you very gently and without forcing anything examine the possibilities of experiencing and using your body (and mind) better - both in a concrete bodily sense and in a more psychotherapeutic and wider perspective.

Alexander technique

Alexander technique is a body therapeutic way of finding a more rewarding use of oneself - both bodily and in a broader perspective.

It is possible to start from 3 perspectives:

- the physical perspecitve

- the energetic perspective

- the body therapeutical perspective

Physical body

In working with the physical body, physical challenges and opportunities can be examined with the aim of experiencing the body as functioning well and effortlessly - both at rest and in motion.

The work takes place lying down on a table, as well as sitting, standing and walking. The Alexander technique teacher and pupil together sense the potential of the physical body to find its way back to a natural ease - with power and lightness.

Energetic body

The energetic body is explored by working with the nervous system. This is done by gentle touch and contact work, primarily by the Alexander technique teacher sensing the Alexander technique pupil with the hands. It takes place lying down on a table, sitting and standing.

The purpose of this type of work is to create calm and balance in the nervous system in order to make room for old habits and ideas to be released and for a connection between the energetic and the physical body to appear and unfold.

Body Therapy

Being touched and sensing more of yourself can mean that thoughts and feelings appear that you didn't know were there. Or maybe it's thoughts and feelings that you know, but you find difficult to deal with or find troublesome.

Together with the Alexander technique teacher, there is an opportunity to investigate whether these kinds of thoughts and feelings can be allowed to exist as a natural, less complicated and rewarding part of oneself. This work can take place as a mixture of conversation and body therapeutic contact.


mærk mere

About Ida

I am a trained alexander technique teacher (2024).

In addition, I am a civil engineer with 15 years of work experience within architecture and construction - and a mother of 3.

The meeting with alexander technique was a wonderful experience for me. To explore and rediscover the deep and natural connection to myself, to other people and to the world is the most beautiful gift. I look forward every day to sharing these kinds of experiences with students, course participants, colleagues, friends and whoever else happens to cross my path.

Working with alexander technique has given me a new opportunity to create a life with more balance - where I can juggle family, work and myself, starting from a new bodily and emotional spaciousness and calmness.

Learning to SENSE MORE is a slow but very rewarding process - and for me has given life new depth and clarity.



You are also welcome to contact me to agree on a a reduced price if your financial means are limited.

Single session

500 dkk

1 x 1:1session.

1 session lasts approx. 1 hour

5 sessions, package

2.000 dkk

5 x 1:1session.

1 session lasts approx. 1 hour

Introduction package

900 dkk

3 x 1:1session.

Are you curious and would like an introductory course?

Then you can buy a package of 3 1-hour sessions to get you started!